Our software is providing CRM solution for clients with big retail database. We optimize the structure of the data, do data mining, find missing pieces of the data and build scoring models.

Therefore we can than predict and expect the future issue in data to happen or prepare trends and modification to current outlooks.

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Meet our Team.

We work in technology & CRM for 10 years with expertise in various parts of Europe and Asia. Our knowledge is coming from Germany, UK, Czech, Ukraine, Russia, Kazakhstan, China, India, Indonesia and Philippines.


Our company is opened in Singapore to facilitate all the needs of our clients. 


We focus on the risk of business to finance their growth trough additional payment terms to retail market.

As this approach will allow to sell more with additional value added it is many times connected with potential risks and challenges. We quantify that risks, mitigate them and predict the potential downsides trough scoring and data analysis. 


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