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Client Relationship Management is based on collection of the data from the retail or corporate customers to databases. We focus on retail data, where we look in to the importance of the data and possible issues within the data. We understand that only properly build database together with mismatch check allows to produce reliable outcome.






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TREND weakness


We learn. We understand, that scoring model changes in time and by the change it sets a new trends. We see it a challenge to earn additional income on the products or see risks where they were not seen year ago. We don't believe in 100% reliability of long term trends as the short trend is able to bring to customer additional advantage to adjust and prepare solution



Once database is in proper shape we calculate scoring models, where we identify crucial data points. Reliability, covariance of the data together with strength of the statements is crucial. We propose client to add or delete data source in order to achieve additional perfection. We live with customer, to go trough his process to be able to understand what is behind the data


We do, from time to time consider and perform a purchase of very old retail portfolios (on average 2 years overdue) to test scoring and prediction models. Our business partners in the countries of portfolio origin then help us to check the final outcome & justify the prediction.